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Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, A/HRC/26/28/Add.2, 20 June 2014: Moldova

V. Situation of groups particularly vulnerable to poverty A. Women and girls 24. Although the Constitution and legal framework of the Republic of Moldova include extensive guarantees of women’s rights, many women face significant challenges, including lack of access to decent work, unequal remuneration, lack of representation at the political and decision-making levels, exposure to […]

Report of the Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice, A/HRC/26/39/Add.2, 12 June 2014: China

VII. Women facing multiple forms of discrimination D. Lesbian, bisexual and transgender women 77. The Working Group is concerned that lesbian, bisexual and transgender women in China are subject to multiple forms of discrimination and violence in educational establishments, workplaces and the family. According to the results of a survey in 2009, over a third […]