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Concluding Observations, CAT/C/NAM/CO/2, 1 December 2016: Namibia

C. Principal subjects of concern and recommendations Non-refoulement 26. The Committee notes that the bill on prevention and combating of torture provides for the prohibition of refoulement, in accordance with the Convention, and that the delegation gave assurances that no one has been expelled to a country where they risk being subjected to torture. However, […]

Concluding Observations, CCPR/C/NAM/CO/2, 23 March 2016: Namibia

C. Principal matters of concern and recommendations Non-discrimination 9. While noting the measures taken to eliminate discrimination, the Committee is concerned that protection against discrimination is insufficient. It is particularly concerned about: (b) Discrimination, harassment and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, including cases of so-called “corrective rape” against lesbians; (c) Discrimination on […]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture, A/HRC/31/57/Add.1, 24 February 2016: United States of America

(k) JUA 10/07/2015 Case No. USA 15/2015 State Reply: 11/09/2015 Allegations concerning the deportation of Haitians, and in particular persons suffering from serious mental and physical illnesses and requiring appropriated specialized psychological and medical attention, to post-earthquake Haiti. 666. The Rapporteur takes note of the information provided by the Government concerning proceedings and treatment of […]

General Recommendation No. 30 on women in conflict prevention, conflict and post-conflict situations, CEDAW/C/GC/30, 1 November 2013

5. Displacement, refugees and asylum seekers (arts. 1-3 and 15) 57. The Committee recommends that States parties: (b) Address the specific risks and particular needs of different groups of internally displaced and refugee women who are subjected to multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, including women with disabilities, older women, girls, widows, women who head […]

M. I. v. Sweden, Communication No. 2149/2012, 25 July 2013: Sweden

The facts as submitted by the author 2.1 The author used to live in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where her parents and siblings still live. She alleges that she is lesbian and that her parents learned about this around the end of 2002 or the beginning of 2003. Subsequently, her parents arranged a marriage for her with […]

Report by the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, A/HRC/23/46/Add.3, 30 April 2013: Italy

V. Detention of migrants in an irregular situation F. Special categories of detainees 4. Others 83. The Special Rapporteur also observed that there appeared to be no standard procedures to deal with persons with specific vulnerabilities or special needs in CIEs, including persons with health or psychological problems, victims of torture, victims of trafficking, or […]