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Communication No. 941/2000: Australia, CCPR/C/78/D/941/2000, Mr. Edward Young v. Australia, September 18, 2003

The facts as presented by the author 2.1 The author was in a same-sex relationship with a Mr. C for 38 years. Mr. C was a war veteran, for whom the author cared in the last years of his life. He died on 20 December 1998, at the age of 73. On 1 March 1999, […]

Communication No 190/2001: Netherlands, CAT/C/30/D/190/2001, K.S.Y. v Netherlands, May 26, 2003

(The complainant is a citizen of Iran, born on 23 August 1950, whose application for refugee status was rejected in the Netherlands) 7.3 Concerning the alleged difficulties faced by the complainant because of his sexual orientation, the Committee notes a number of contradictions and inconsistencies in his account of past abuses at the hand of […]

Communication No. 902/1999: New Zealand, CCPR/C/75/D/902/1999, Ms. Juliet Joslin et al. v. New Zealand, July 30, 2002

2.1 Ms. Joslin and Ms. Rowan commenced a lesbian relationship in January 1988. Since that point, they have jointly assumed responsibility for their children out of previous marriages. In living together, they have pooled finances and jointly own their common home. They maintain sexual relations. On 4 December 1995, they applied under the Marriage Act […]

Toonen v. Australia, Communication No. 488/1992, 4 April 1994: Australia

The facts as submitted by the author 2.1 The author is an activist for the promotion of the rights of homosexuals in Tasmania, one of Australia’s six constitutive states. He challenges two provisions of the Tasmanian Criminal Code, namely, sections 122 (a) and (c) and 123, which criminalize various forms of sexual contact between men, […]