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Commission on Human Rights Resolution, E/CN.4/RES/2002/77, April 25, 2002: The question of the death penalty

4. Urges all States that still maintain the death penalty: (…) (c) To ensure that the notion of “most serious crimes” does not go beyond intentional crimes with lethal or extremely grave consequences and that the death penalty is not imposed for non-violent acts such as financial crimes, non-violent religious practice or expression of conscience […]

Commission on Human Rights Resolution, E/CN.4/RES/2002/36, April 22, 2002: Extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions

6. Reaffirms the obligation of Governments to ensure the protection of the inherent right to life of all persons under their jurisdiction and calls upon Governments concerned to investigate promptly and thoroughly cases of killings committed in the name of passion or in the name of honour, all killings committed for any discriminatory reason, including […]

Commission on Human Rights resolution, Extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, E/CN.4/RES/2000/31, 20 April 2000

6. Notes with concern the large number of cases in various parts of the world of killings committed in the name of passion or in the name of honour, persons killed because of their sexual orientation and persons killed for reasons related to their peaceful activities as human rights defenders or as journalists, reported by […]