South Africa: ICJ launches animated video on UN Economic, Social and Cultural Rights recommendations

Today, the ICJ launched the animated video titled “UN Committee Recommends Socio-Economic Rights Protections in South Africa” in commemoration of International Human Rights Day, at an event sponsored in collaboration with local partner Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR).

With support from the European Union (EU), the ICJ and LHR have been jointly implementing a project promoting the protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) over the last three years.

The project included workshops co-ordinated by the ICJ and LHR on the protection of ESCR with magistrates, lawyers, paralegals and civil society organizations. As part of the project published a detailed Guide for the Legal Enforcement and Adjudication of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in South Africa to assist legal practitioners, including magistrates, lawyers, paralegals and civil society, in understanding and applying international and domestic legal standards relating to ESCR. The ICJ also joined other local and international organizations in making submissions to the UN Committee on ESCR, which ultimately informed the Committee’s recommendations to South Africa.

During the event 10 December event in Pretoria, the LHR launched the documentary “Everyone Lies to Popo Molefe”, which tells the true story of the community’s struggle to basic services. Members of the Popo Molefe community were guests of honour at the event, which was also attended by a representative of the South African Human Rights Commission.

“If we can have roads, water and electricity… We are struggling without electricity. This situation we are living in is not good. I wish the President could see this documentary,” Popo Molefe Community Leader Kgomotso Susan Nkolisa said.

The ICJ’s animation explains in simple terms the recommendations made by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural to the government on South Africa.

These recommendations are based on the international standards and protection of the rights contained within the International Covenant on ESCR ratified by South Africa in 2015.

The animation uses illustrative examples of South Africa’s obligations under the Covenant relating to housing, education and just and equitable wages, urging viewers to hold government accountable for the implementation of the UN Committee’s recommendations.

Watch the animation



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