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Finance & Administration

Vanessa Dallet – Chief Financial Officer

Vanessa joined the ICJ in September 2022. She holds a Master in International Finance and Business Management and has more than 10 years of experience in financial management. She has been working with several international organisations such as Fondation Hirondelle, Humanity § Inclusion, Save the Children

Adina Marcu – Senior Finance Officer

After working in finance and administration for 12 years in the Romanian private sector, Adina joined the ICJ as an assistant accountant in April 2018. Her dedication and passion, combined with the completion of her accounting studies in Switzerland, advanced her to the Senior Finance position within our team. In this role, she supports the implementation of the accounting and finance activities by supervising the data management procedures and advancing the techniques for identifying and controlling financial risks.

Lilly Langbehn- HR Manager

Lilly commenced her role as HR Manager with the ICJ in November 2020. Before this, she held a number of HR roles with humanitarians NGOs in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. She received a BSc Economics/Finance from Montpellier University in 1996 and a MA in International Humanitarian Aid from the Faculty of Law, Aix-Marseille University, in 1997. She also obtained the Swiss HRSE certificate in 2018. As an HR professional, she sees her role as supporting others to grow into their full potential and likes to create a caring atmosphere in the teams. Both German and French, she feels a world citizen.

Falconi Valentina – HR & Administrative Associate
Valentina joined the ICJ in October 2020. She studied Philosophy, Human Rights and Ethics of International Cooperation, and holds a second master’s in Human Resources. Before joining the ICJ, she worked as administrative assistant in Italy for several public institutions and NGOs, including the Italian Red Cross.