Statement on allegation of misdirection of UN Population Funds in Vietnam

Press reports have mistakenly referred to Mr Scott Johnson as representing the ICJ when he made a statement on assistance from the UN Population Fund.

Mr Johnson said that assistance from the UN Population Fund was currently being misdirected by the Vietnamese Government for a “forced and coerced sterilization programme of the Montagnard people”.

Mr Johnson is an adviser to the Montagnard Foundation, an organisation specifically concerned with the human rights situation of Montagnard people in Vietnam. Inquiries relating to his allegations should be addressed directly to that organisation.

Mr Johnson is also a member of the Western Australian Branch of the ICJ. Mr Johnson has not been authorized by that organization to publish the allegation in its name.

The ICJ network of 99 national sections and affiliated organizations, including the Western Australian Branch of the ICJ, operates autonomously from the ICJ Secretariat in Geneva.

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