Tajikistan: ICJ and Tajikistan Bar Association seminar on security of lawyers

On 16 and 17 December, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) in cooperation with the Tajikistan Bar Association (Tajikistan Union of Lawyers) and the Legal Policy Research Centre (LPRC) is organising a seminar “The Role of the Bar Association in ensuring security of lawyers”.

During the two-day event, lawyers from across Tajikistan as well as members of the specialised bodies on the rights of lawyers of bar associations Kazakhstan and Ukraine will discuss key main challenges lawyers face in their countries when defending their clients.

Regular attacks on independent lawyers as well as effective ways of addressing cases of harassment, intimidation and other interference by the Bar Association and its specialised bodies will be discussed during the first day of the event. During the second day, the participants will elaborate a strategy of development for protection of lawyers in Tajikistan.

The president of the Bar Association of Tajikistan as well as all members of the Commission on the Professional Rights of Lawyers of the Bar Association of Tajikistan will take part in the event.

The ICJ expresses appreciation to the Ukrainian National Bar Association for the participation in the event.

The agenda of the event here.