Thailand: ICJ submission to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Today, the ICJ made a submission to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in advance of the examination of Thailand’s initial and second periodic reports under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The submission provides the Committee with information about certain obstacles that undermine the implementation of the Covenant.

First, the ICJ highlights the obstacles to the enjoyment of the rights guaranteed by the Covenant that have arisen as a result of the new legal and institutional framework since the Thai military implemented Martial Law nationwide on 20 May 2014 and staged a military coup on 22 May 2014.

The submission further describes barriers faced by women to their enjoyment of their rights under the Covenant on the basis of equality and freedom from discrimination.

The submission concludes with a number of recommendations.

Thailand-ICJ CESCR submission-Advocacy-non legal submission-2015-ENG (full text in English)

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