The Dynamic Aspects of the Rule of Law in the modern age: report on the proceedings of the South-East Asian and Pacific Conference of Jurists

Underlying the theme of the Conference is the belief of the ICJ that the Rule of Law, being a dynamic concept, should have, for the areas under study, the same essential validity it has for other parts of the world.

It should further have the belief that the representative government which the Rule of Law seeks to foster and protect should not be eclipsed by the urgent and fundamental problems of those areas but rather should ultimately find acceptance as the only sure basis for their enduring solution.

The Conference is held with the hope that it may contribute means to give further practical effect to these beliefs.

dynamic aspects rule of law-conference report-1965-eng (full text in English, PDF)

dynamic aspects rule of law-conference report-1965-fra (full text in French, PDF)

dynamic aspects rule of law-conference report-1965-spa (full text in Spanish, PDF)

The Conclusions are available at:

Declaration of Bangkok-congress report-1965-eng (full text of conclusions in English, PDF)

Declaration of Bangkok-congress report-1965-fra (full text of conclusions in French, PDF)

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