The Eurowarrant: European extradition in the 21st century

Summary: This important conference, organised by JUSTICE (the British section of the ICJ) will be held in London on 5-6 July 2003. There will be 11 speakers from various countries of the European Union on this important topic. Further details are attached.

The European Arrest Warrant will replace existing extradition procedures within the EU by 2004.

Within this new framework, national judges in EU countries will directly enforce arrest warrants issued in other member states, without reference to the executive. The warrant marks a major advance in mutual recognition between criminal justice systems within the European Union and will provide the model for further developments.

  • Is this a welcome move towards a genuine European judicial space?
  • How well will mutual recognition work in practice?
  • Will individual rights and freedoms be adequately protected?
  • Does the European Arrest Warrant create a need for EU minimum standards in criminal procedures?

JUSTICE’s conference will gather extradition experts from across Europe to consider issues ranging from the constitutional to the procedural, focusing on the protection of individual and defence rights.

This is a unique opportunity for legal practitioners, academics and policy makers to keep abreast of crucial developments in extradition law.

The Eurowarrant: European Extradition in the 21st Century (full text, PDF)