The failed promise : human rights in the Philippines since the Revolution of 1986 – report of a visit

This report, based on the visit of a delegation sent to the Philippines in September 1990, is the third to be issued on the situation in the Philippines by the ICJ.

The delegation was asked to assess human rights developments in the country during the five years since President Corazon C. Aquino took office.

The report is divided into 21 chapters together with conclusions and recommendations. The report of the ICJ delegation confirms that grave violations of human rights have continued in the Philippines, including torture, arbitrary and summary killings, disappearances, forced evacuation, and displacement of civilians. The government has largely failed to fulfill its often stated objective of curbing human rights abuses. The legal system and the Human Rights Commission have not been effective in redressing most of the human rights abuses.

The report also focuses on problems of land reform, the urban poor, labour, women, indigenous peoples, children, the Muslim minority, and the educational system, and makes a number of recommendations in the hope that the striving of so much of Philippine society for increased civil, political, economic, and social rights will be successful.

Philippines-failed promise-fact-finding report-1991-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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