The ICJ asks Multichoice Group to immediately suspend Emmanuel TV for broadcasting violent “conversion therapy” by Pastor TB Joshua

In a letter of 3 May, the ICJ called on the Non-Executive Chair of the Multichoice Group, and the board of directors to immediately suspend Emmanuel TV on any of the DSTV platforms for broadcasting of televangelist Pastor TB Joshua’s multiple video clips ostensibly depicting a violent ‘conversion therapy’ and hate speech against LGBT persons amounting to human rights abuses. 

One of the videos, shows Joshua slapping and pushing a woman at least 16 times, and telling her: “There is a spirit disturbing you. She has transplanted herself into you. It is the spirit of woman.”

By broadcasting Joshua’s channel, which openly advocates hatred against, and causes harm to, LGBTI persons, Multichoice Group’s actions are inconsistent with human rights law and standards, the South African Constitution and domestic legislation, which all proscribe discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The ICJ therefore urged Multichoice to urgently take the following steps to remedy this situation: 

1. Immediately suspend Emmanuel TV on any of the DSTV platforms including Channel 309. 

2. Immediately remove the offending video clips and provide an undertaking not to air them or similar offensive materials again. 

3. Offer an apology from Multichoice Group to the LGBT persons. 

4. Undertake an updating of the MultiChoice Group’s internal policies to bring them in line with human rights standards, the South African Constitution, and local laws on non-discrimination. 

To read the full letter, click here.


Kaajal Ramjathan-Keogh, ICJ Africa Director, Kaajal.Keogh(a)

Tanveer Jeewa, Legal and Communications Officer, Tanveer.Jeewa(a)

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