The role of non-governmental organizations in the promotion and protection of human rights

“This publication, the 16th to be produced by the Stichting NJCM-Boekerij, contains the proceedings of the colloquy held in Amsterdam on November 22nd 1989, on the subject of “The role of non-governmental organizations in the promotion and protection of human rights”.

Furthermore we have included the laudation by H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and the speech made by Niall MacDermot O.B.E., Q.C., Secretary General of the ICJ.

Although the publication follows some time after the colloquy this book and its subject have lost little of their relevance. Indeed events that have taken place since the colloquy underline the importance and create new challenges for NGO’s in the field of human rights.”

The symposium was organised at the occasion of the award of the Erasmus Prize (Praemium Erasmianum) to the ICJ.

role of NGO in human rights-conference report-1989-eng (full text in English, PDF)



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