Rule of law in the United States (The): a statement

The document emanates from a representative group of American Bar Association (A.B.A.) members in support of the work of the International Commission of Jurists at The Hague. 

The Section on International and Comparative Law of the A.B.A. in 1955 formed a Committee to Cooperate with the Commission as one mode of implementing the endorsement of the Commission given by a resolution adopted by the Association in 1953.

This cooperating Committee has members in seventeen of the principal United States cities. A few state and local bar associations in the United States have also either endorsed the Commission in general terms or created their own special committees for directed cooperation. The present study is an undertaking of this A.B.A. Committee.

The Statement covers the following aspects of the Rule of Law in the USA:

  1. The concept of the Rule of Law in the United States
  2. Elements of basic law
  3. Constitutional limitations
  4. The legislative and the law
  5. Administrative authorities
  6. The judiciary
  7. The legal profession
  8. The individual
  9. Fringe areas of coverage

USA-rule of law-thematic report-1958-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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