The West Bank and the rule of law

The two authors of this study belong to a group of lawyers seeking to promote the rule of law in the West Bank of the Jordan. It is known as Law in the Service of Man and is affiliated to the International Commission of Jurists.

The preparation of this study is a task which could be undertaken only by West Bank lawyers as the military orders, which have constituted the only form of legislation applicable to the area for over 13 years, are not published and are not to be found in any library.

Most of them are distributed to practicing lawyers, and some are sent to the people directly affected by them. Nowhere is a complete set available and efforts even by lawyers to obtain copies of missing orders are usually unsuccessful.

An analysis is made of the legislation and administration in such essential fields as land rights, water rights, trading and commerce, town planning, trade unions, education, literature, and information, which appear to go far beyond the needs of Israeli security and to result in the State of Israel obtaining many of the
benefits which would accrue from an annexation of the territory.

The International Commission of Jurists joins in publishing this study in the belief that it will make a significant contribution to information about the Israeli rule in the West Bank.

West Bank-rule of law-thematic report-1980-eng (full text in English, PDF)

West bank-rule of law-thematic report-1981-fra (full text in French, PDF)

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