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Country profiles

The CIJL has prepared summaries on the situation of judges, lawyers and prosecutors in selected countries.

The laws and practices within the country, with a particular focus on independence of judges, lawyers and prosecutors are assessed against relevant international law and standards.

Profiles are based on a combination of sources, including more detailed research reports by the ICJ, additional desk research, and interviews with relevant country experts.

They aim to provide the user with information in a common format to aid comparative analysis, and to provide quick reference points for further research and advocacy.

The profiles are available both as interactive webpages, with clickable links to the sources of information, and for download in PDF format.

Countries covered so far:

Honduras web / pdf

Myanmar: web / pdf

Russian Federation: web / pdf

South Sudan: web / pdf

Swaziland: web / pdf

Tunisia: web / pdf

Venezuela: web / pdf

The ICJ plans to add further countries on an on-going basis and periodically to update existing profiles.