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Geneva Forum

The Geneva Forum of Judges and Lawyers, convened annually by the ICJ’s Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers since 2010, brings together legal practitioners from around the world.

It serves as a mechanism for dialogue and exchange between judges, lawyers and other jurists from different regions of the world, focusing on challenges faced by them in the independent exercise of their professional functions, in particular as these affects their ability to protect human rights by judicial means, and on practical solutions to overcome them.

Geneva Forum 2018

Indigenous & other traditional or customary justice system in Asia

Geneva Forum 2017

Traditional & Customary Courts: 2017 Geneva Forum of Judges & Lawyers

Final report of the Geneva Forum 2017 on traditional and customary justice systems

Geneva Forum 2016

Geneva Forum 2016: large movements of refugees and migrants – the role of judges & lawyers

Principles on the Role of Judges and Lawyers in relation to Refugees and Migrants

Geneva Forum 2015

Practitioners’ Guide No. 13 on Judicial Accountability

Geneva Forum 2015 on judicial accountability

Geneva Forum 2014

Geneva Forum Series no. 2: judicial enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights

Geneva Forum 2014 on enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights

Geneva Forum 2013

Geneva Forum Series no. 1: Women and the Judiciary

Highlights from the Geneva Forum on women in the judiciary

Women and the judiciary: new document synthesizes findings from ICJ colloquia in Tanzania, Tunisia and Switzerland

“Women Judges as Agents of Change”: 4th ICJ Geneva Forum of Judges and Lawyers opens

Event: women judges as agents of change

Geneva Forum 2012

Third Geneva Forum for Judges and Lawyers: the report is published

Geneva Forum 2011

2nd ICJ Geneva Forum of Judges and Lawyers: final report

Geneva Forum 2010

1st ICJ Geneva Forum of Judges and Lawyers: accountable national security policies – the role of judges and legal practitioners

Geneva Forum: speech delivered by Justice Michèle Rivet