Toward an integrated human righs policy: a commentary on the interrelationship of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights

The American Association for the International Commission of Jurists has traditionally been devoted to the doctrine that the Supremacy of the International Rule of Law, coupled with an Independent Judiciary, is the best guarantee of Human Freedom.

In the pursuit of this goal, we have come to recognize that realization of this goal is impeded by a variety of global problems including such factors as overpopulation, proliferation of arms, and massive economic and social deprivation in many countries throughout the world.

The last issue has given rise to extensive claims in both the developed and developing worlds that social and economic progress is an overriding priority that must precede the realization of fundamental civil and political rights. This argument is often expressed in the cliche that “there is no liberty on an empty stomach.”

The American Association for the ICJ, in order to clarify its own understanding of this problem, initiated a series of meetings with highly knowledgeable advisers and, as a result of their contributions, has arrived at the position set forth in this publication.

integrated human rights policy-thematic report-1979-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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