Tunisia: addressing the legacy of gross human rights violations

On 2 and 3 May 2018, the ICJ is holding a conference on the role of Tunisia’s Specialized Criminal Chambers (SCC) in addressing the legacy of gross human rights violations. The ICJ’s report, Achieving justice for gross human rights violations in Tunisia, was launched during the event.

The conference, held in cooperation with the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and The National Independent Coordination for Transitional Justice (NICTJ), and organized in coordination with the Tunisia’s Ministry of Justice, High Judicial Council and Bar Association, aims to:

  • Discuss the legal and factual requirements on the referral of cases by the Truth and Dignity Commission (IVD) to the SCC;
  • Analyze and discuss the legal and practical obstacles that might impede the SCC’s work;
  • Discuss the role of victims in criminal proceedings before the SCC;
  • Identify recommendations to relevant authorities (including the High Judicial Council, the Ministry of Justice and the Bar Association) with a view to ensuring the effective administration of justice by the SCC in accordance with Tunisian domestic law and relevant international law and standards.

Four years after its establishment, the IVD transferred a first case on 2 March 2018, concerning 14 suspects and the crime of enforced disappearance, to the SCC. Three other cases were transferred since then.

While such referrals are a first step towards redress and accountability, numerous legal and practical obstacles may hinder the SCC’s capacity to deliver meaningful justice. In two memos addressing the jurisdiction and the procedures to be applied by the SCC, the ICJ identified such obstacles and formulated recommendations for amendments and reform.

Download the ICJ’s reports

Tunisia-GRA Baseline Study-Publications-Reports-Thematic reports-2018-ENG (full report in English, PDF)

Tunisia-GRA Baseline Study-Publications-Reports-Thematic reports-2018-ARA (full report in Arabic, PDF)

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Further references

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