Turkmenistan: the ICJ holds a seminar on judicial ethics

Today, the ICJ in cooperation with the the Supreme Court of Turkmenistan holds a seminar on Comparative Approaches to Judicial Ethics.

The seminar, supported by the European Union, will be attended by judges of the Supreme Court of Turkmenistan as well as other judges.

ICJ experts, including Judge Vladimir Borissov, former judge of the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan, Judge Georg Stawa, the President of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ), and others will present comparative perspective and international standards related to the judicial ethics, accountability and guarantees for judges.

This is the second such event the ICJ holds in Turkmenistan. The first event, organized in June 2016, was dedicated to the issue of international obligations in national courts.

Turkmenistan-Judicial ethics seminar-News-web story-2017-RUS (full story in Russian, PDF)

Turkmenistan-Seminar Ethics-Agenda-2017-ENG (agenda in English, PDF)

Turkmenistan-Seminar Ethics-Agenda-2017-RUS (agenda in Russian, PDF)

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