Urgent request for a United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) Special Session on accountability for grave and widespread human rights violations in Libya

The ICJ has joined other non-governmental organisations to urge the HRC and its members to support a Special Session on Libya.

The aim is to establish a Commission of Inquiry or a similar mechanism to investigate individual criminal responsibility for serious abuses and violations of international human rights and violations of humanitarian law by all sides in this country.

Since May 2014, violent clashes between rival armed groups have intensified and developed into armed conflicts across Libya.

Parties to these conflicts have been responsible of grave and widespread violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.

These include direct and indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian objects, unlawful killings, abductions, forced displacement of civilians, torture and other ill-treatment and arbitrary detentions.

Libya-HRC Special session on accountability and HR violations-Advocacy-Open letters-2014-ENG (full text in PDF)

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