Working papers: Ceylon Colloquium on the Rule of Law

The Colloquium was organised by the ICJ (Ceylon section).

This Volume embodies the following Working Papers for use by the Committees at the Colloquium

  1. Working Paper on the Rule of Law and the Common Man, by L. W. Athulathmudali (Committee 1)
  2. Working Paper on Nationalization of Property and the Rule of Law by C.F. Amerasinghe (Committee 2)
  3. Working Paper on The Ombudsman as a Reality in South-East Asia by D. S. Wijewardane (Committee 3 )
  4. Proposal by the Secretary-General of the International Commission of Jurists for A World Campaign for Human Rights – containing suggestions for the Celebration of 1968 as the International Year of Human Rights (Special Committee).

Sri Lanka-Ceylon Colloquium Rule of Law-conference report-working papers-1966-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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