Yearbook of the International Commission of Jurists: 2004

During the past year, the ICJ has proceeded to tackle vigorously certain of the manifold challenges presently confronting the international human rights movement.

The threat to the primacy of fundamental rights posed by counter-terrorism measures, the dereliction of many States in adequately implementing the human rights obligations they have undertaken; the struggle to preserve a rule of law undergirded by the functioning of an independent and impartial judiciary; and the tendencies towards the overall weakening of universal and regional systems of human rights protection. This Yearbook is intended to serve as a conduit for dissemination of information, analysis and guidance to jurists, governments, NGOs and the wider human rights community for use in their own efforts to address these challenges.

ICJ Yearbook 2004-ICJ yearbook-2004-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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