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New ICJ report: Financial institutions and the rights of the child

The conduct of international financial institutions (IFIS) often has a substantial, sometimes adverse, impact on the enjoyment of human rights of persons affected directly or indirectly by their activities.

April 17, 2014

Business and Human Rights Violations in Guatemala: a challenge for justice

The ICJ has released a report (in Spanish), which analyses Guatemala’s legal and judicial system in relation to the obligations and responsibilities of business enterprises.

March 28, 2014

Thailand: ICJ report calls on government to solve Somchai case, end enforced disappearances

A new ICJ report criticizes the Thai Government’s failure to take the steps necessary to establish the fate and whereabouts of missing lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit, saying it illustrates the challenges of achieving justice in cases of serious human violations in Thailand.

March 7, 2014

Ukraine: ICJ report casts light on alarming disbarments and suspensions of lawyers

An ICJ report published today raises concerns at the effect that the recent reform is having on the organization and effective functioning of the legal profession in the country.

February 11, 2014

ICJ releases first ever report on the independence of judges and lawyers in South Sudan

Published today in Geneva the new study analyses the current state of the country’s judiciary in statutory courts and the legal profession, in light of international standards on the independence of judges and lawyers.

December 18, 2013

Pakistan: the legacy of Chief Justice Chaudhry

Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry finishes his eight-year term on 12 December 2013, leaving the legacy of a robust and assertive Court, as well as some well-founded criticisms of inconsistency in its approach to human rights, the ICJ says in a new report released today.

December 5, 2013