1st ICJ Geneva Forum of Judges and Lawyers: accountable national security policies – the role of judges and legal practitioners

The ICJ Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers (CIJL) acts as a focal point and centre of expertise within the ICJ to advance the independence of lawyers, judges and prosecutors.

In the face of continuing and in some countries, increasing attacks against lawyers, judges and prosecutors who carry out their duties administering justice in accordance with the rule of law, the ICJ World Congress mandated the Secretariat in 2008 to reestablish the CIJL and charged it particularly “to act as a focal point in all matters concerning the independence and effectiveness of the judiciary and the legal profession in times of crisis”.

The Centre is based on the need to refocus attention on building strong independent and accountable civilian justice systems capable of protecting international human rights effectively. Through the CIJL the ICJ will be able to provide its advocacy with the necessary depth, continuity and coherence by bringing together expertise from, and experiences within, different jurisdictions around the world.

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