Training on migration, discrimination and human rights in Serbia

The ICJ-European Institutions, Group 484 and Praxis are holding a training on migration, discrimination and international human rights law starting on 22 April in Belgrade (Serbia).The training, delivered by the ICJ-European Institutions, includes officers of the Government’s administration and agencies, and members of Serbian civil society dedicated to the defence of migrants’ and refugees’ rights. It has been organised in cooperation with Group 484 and Praxis, under a grant of the EU Civil Society Facility Serbia Programme IPA/2014/190. The training will focus on:

  • General concepts of EU human rights law, international human rights law and EU accession;
  • Detention of migrants under EU and international human rights law;
  • The concept of discrimination in economic, social and cultural rights under EU and international human rights law;
  • The right to the highest attainable standard of health under international and EU law;
  • The right to adequate housing under EU and international law;
  • The right to education under EU and international law.

Finally, civil society members present at the training will gather to design indicators to measure progress in the respect, protection and fulfilment of these rights.

Serbia-PROACTION-TrainingMigrationDiscrimiantionHR-Agenda-2015-eng (download the agenda)

Serbia-HR&DiscriminationMigration-Training-ICJGrupa484Praxis-Handbook-2015-eng (download the handbook)

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