On video: FAIR project – access to justice for migrant children in the EU

Today, the ICJ-European Institutions held the final event of its EU and OSI funded FAIR project (Fostering Access to justice for Immigrant children’s Rights) in the European Parliament in Brussels. Two videos have also been produced.

This is the closing event of a two-year long project, which aimed at strengthening access to justice for migrant children in the EU.

Migrant children in the EU face violations of their human rights every day.

Lack of access to their families, to information, guardians and legal assistance, lack of access to housing or education, unlawful detention – are few examples of what the children suffer.

The event in the European Parliament was hosted by four political groups and three Members of the EP took part in the panel discussions, on challenges migrant children face in their access to justice and on ways forward and what the EU could do to further advance the rights of some of the most vulnerable people at EU territory.

The panel discussions also included specific cases that national lawyers are dealing with in Italy, Greece, Germany and Ireland on behalf of migrant children.

Julien Makalu, a young engineering student shared his own experience when he arrived to Greece as unaccompanied minor some years ago.

During the FAIR project, the ICJ-European Institutions:

The FAIR project co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union and OSIFE.

Download the flyer and agenda of the event here:

Universal – A2J Migrant Children Flyer – 2018 – ENG (Flyer)

Universal – A2J Migrant Children Agenda – 2018 – ENG (Agenda)

Watch the videos of the FAIR Project and the FAIR Project’s retreat
From 4 to 8 October 2017, 19 lawyers from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Malta and Spain met together and with experts to strategize about their cases of access to justice for migrant children and on accessing international human rights mechanisms. The workshop took place on the French border near Geneva, allowing UN treaty bodies experts and members to participate.


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