Advancing human rights and business in the work of the Human Rights Council

The ICJ recalls the three main issues proposed by a number of civil society organizations as priorities for the Working Group. These priority issues are: (1) to explore the further development of international standards; (2) to improve access to remedies, and in particular access to justice for victims of human rights abuses; and (3) to address the impact of business on indigenous people and other vulnerable groups.

The ICJ urges the Human Rights Council and the Working Group to:

  • pay special attention to the need for State regulation of corporations and other business enterprises;
  • pay special attention to the need to ensure access to justice and effective remedies and reparations to victims;
  • ensure its activities do not foreclose the elaboration of further international standards and;
  • take fully into account the Maastricht Principles in their work.

Human Rights Council-20th session-non-legal submission-2012 (full text, PDF)

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