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OHCHR database of businesses involved in settlements in OPT (UN Statement)

The ICJ today spoke at the Human Rights Council about the creation of a UN database of business enterprises involved in Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Terrority (OPT).

March 20, 2018

Sri Lanka: communal violence, reconciliation and justice mechanisms (UN statement)

The ICJ spoke at the UN today on concerns about a resurgence of communal violence, and a failure to implement reconciliation and justice mechanisms, in Sri Lanka.

March 19, 2018

Pakistan: blasphemy laws, military trials, and impunity (UN statement)

The ICJ today delivered an oral statement at the UN calling on Pakistan to amend or repeal blasphemy laws, end military trials of civilians, and take effective measures against impunity.

March 19, 2018

Peru and the fight against impunity (UN Statement)

The ICJ today spoke at the United Nations on impunity and the situation for human rights in Peru.

March 15, 2018

Thailand: misuse of laws restricts fundamental freedoms (UN statement)

At the UN the ICJ today called on Thailand to stop misusing laws to restrict fundamental freedoms.

March 14, 2018

Myanmar: cooperation with UN needed, UN must put rights up front (UN statement)

The ICJ today delivered a statement at the UN Human Rights Council calling on Myanmar to cooperate with UN mechanisms and for all UN agencies in the country to make human rights central to their approach.

March 12, 2018