Arrests and detentions and freedom of information in Chile, September, 1976

Three years after the military coup d’état, arbitrary detention of individuals continue to give cause for concern. These detentions do away with, or endanger, the right to freedom, security, integrity, life, protection from torture, and the right to justice and due process of law.

This report is a supplement to the report of the International Commission of Jurists Mission to Chile in April 1974. It consists of two parts:

  1. Arrests and detentions in Chile: legislation governing arrests and detentions, application of the legislation in practice
  2. Freedom of expression and information.

Annexes contain:

  1. Irregularities in 23 cases of arrest since Supreme Decree 187 (January 30, 1976)
  2. Persons arrested since January 1976 who have disappeared
  3. Open letter by five Chilean lawyers, June 8, 1976

Chile-arrests and detentions-thematic report-1976-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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