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ICJ Bulletin no. 36 (December 1968)

This is the last edition of the bulletin. From 1969, the ICJ will combine their existing publications the Bulletin and the Journal into one consolidated quarterly publication The Review of the International Commission of Jurists.

December 1, 1968

ICJ Bulletin no. 35 (September 1968)

This edition includes a press release issued by the ICJ on 21st August 1968, the day when Czechoslovakia was invaded by forces of the USSR, Bulgaria, East Germany, Hungary and Poland. The ICJ recalls that this invasion is a indefensible violation of the Charter of the UN, and of international law.

September 1, 1968

ICJ Bulletin no. 34 (June 1968)

The UN has designated 1968 as International Year for Human Rights, giving the bulletins of this year a deeper insight into human rights.

June 1, 1968

ICJ Bulletin no. 33 (March 1968)

This edition coincides with the Geneva Conference on Human Rights held in May 1968. The General Conclusions, summarized in this bulletin, deserve the attention of everyone interested in promoting human rights irrespective of religious or political affiliation.

March 1, 1968

ICJ Bulletin no. 32 (December 1967)

In 1968, the General Assembly has given top priority to the ratification and implementation of international conventions in the human rights field.

December 1, 1967

ICJ Bulletin no. 31 (September 1967)

This bulletin sets out the conclusions of the first International Conference on the Right to Privacy, held in Stockholm in May 1967. It was organized by the Swedish Section of the ICJ in collaboration with the Secretariat of the ICJ.

September 1, 1967