CIJL Yearbook: the judiciary in transition, vol. III, 1994

In times of transition, the judiciary needs to be given special attention. This period is essential to restore the balance between the three state authorities, to empower the judiciary to become a separate and equal power. As such, it can fullfil its role as the main protector of human rights.

This third issue of the CIJL Yearbook contains:

  1. Editorial, by Mona Rishmawi
  2. Seminar on Judicial Functions and Independence in Cambodia: report of the seminar
  3. Seminar: towards an Independent Palestinian Judiciary, with the following documents:
  • The Independence of the Judiciary and the Rule of Law, by Adama Dieng
  • The Palestinian Courts and Human Rights, by Raji Sourani
  • Legislative Protection o f Human Rights Norms, by Michael Ellman
  • How to Build a Judiciary that Protects Human Rights, by Paul Gomez
  • The Role of Lawyers and their Bar Associations, by F.S. Nariman
  • Lawyers in the West Bank, by Ali Guzlan
  • Lawyers in Gaza, by Fraih Abu Middien
  1. Basic Text: Resolution 1994/41 of the UN Commission establishing a Special Rapporteur on the Independence of the Judiciary

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