CIJL Yearbook: universal aspects of judicial independence, vol. VIII, 2000

This volume of the CIJL Yearbook focuses particularly on the judicial independence.

It contains:

  • Editorial, byRobert D. Nicholson
  • Judicial Independence – An Enduring, Widespread Social Value, by A.R.B. Amerasinghe
  • Capturing and Maintaining Public Confidence in Courts, by Robert D. Nicholson
  • Modes of Appointment and Training of Judges – A Common Law Perspective, by Michael D. Kirby
  • From Diplock Courts to Jury Courts?, by Peter Charleton and Paul Anthony McDermott
  • Prosecuting Authority in the New South Africa, by Dirk van Zyl Smit and Esther Steyn
  • The Role of the Zimbabwe Judiciary since Independence, by A.R. Gubbay
  • Starting Down the Long Trail of Judicial Independence: The Experience in Russia, the Newly Independent States, and Central and Eastern Europe, by James G. Apple
  • Judicial Independence in the South Pacific, by Thomas Eichelbaum


  • Beirut Declaration: Recommendations of the First Arab Conference on Justice,
  • held in Beirut, Lebanon, 14 to 16 June 1999
  • Latimer House Principles and Guidelines for the Commonwealth: Colloquium on “Parliamentary Supremacy, Judicial Independence towards a Commonwealth Model”, held at Latimer House, United Kingdom, 15 to 19 June 1998

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