Continuing lack of accountability for renditions and secret detention (UN statement)

The International Commission of Jurists today drew to the attention of the Human Rights Council the failure of responsible States to ensure accountability for renditions and secret detention in several countries across the world.

The issue was highlighted by an oral statement in the General Debate on human rights situations that require the Council’s attention.

The ICJ statement continued as follows:

The US-administered rendition and secret detention programme of the last decade led to the commission of egregious violations of human rights and crimes under international law on a global scale with the complicity of several States, including in Europe.

Similar practices have been adopted in the Russian Federation where abductions of “terrorism” or “extremism” suspects and transfer to Central Asian States continue, in disregard of the principle of non-refoulement.

None of the States involved in the US-led renditions programme, or in abduction and transfer practices occurring in the Russian Federation, have ensured full accountability of those responsible and full redress for victims.

The ICJ calls on this Council to issue a strong call to all UN Member States to provide full accountability and redress for victims for the human rights violations that occurred during these operations.


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