Czech Republic: Conference highlights role of judges in protecting rights of migrants and asylum seekers

Judges play a crucial role in protecting the rights of migrants and asylum seekers, and refugees , experts emphasized at a conference for judges in the Czech Republic held by the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), Forum for Human Rights and Czech judicial academy on 22-23 March 2021.

The right of asylum seekers to an effective remedy is guaranteed in international and EU law, and it requires a full and ex nunc examination of both facts and points of law. Conference participants discussed how specific vulnerabilities of people in asylum proceedings must be identified as early as possible and the important role that judges play in ensuring that this is the case.

Speakers emphasized that the “best interest of the child” principle, and the right to private and family life, have to be taken into consideration when termination of residence of migrants is in question.

The training, “Selected discourses of asylum and migration law from the international and national perspective” addressed relevant topical questions on the protection of human rights in asylum proceedings in the Czech Republic. Participants included international experts and about 100 participants from among Czech judges and judicial assistants. The speakers included highly experienced European judges, and Czech legal experts and judges. The event was co-organised with Forum for Human Rights, a Czech and Slovak nongovernmental organization, and the Judicial academy of the Czech Republic.


The event took place as part of the FAIR PLUS project. You can find the agenda of the national training here and more details on the issues covered by the training here.

Watch on YouTube: FAIR PLUS Project: Selected discourses of asylum and migration law form the international and national perspectives.

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