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United Kingdom: Control orders to replace detention without trial

On 26 January, the Government announced plans to replace administrative detention of foreign terror suspects with a regime of control orders. The orders would apply equally to UK and foreign citizens and range from restrictions of movement and communication to house arrest. The UK intends to seek diplomatic assurances from foreign countries in order to expel terror suspects. Until the adoption of new legislation, the detainees will remain in custody. The announcement comes after the House of Lords ruled indefinite administrative detention to be in violation of the ECHR. Human rights lawyers are highly concerned by the use of diplomatic assurances from countries with systematic torture, the continued holding of detainees in custody under a law in violation of the ECHR and the introduction of house arrest orders. JUSTICE, the UK Section of the ICJ, also raised serious concerns about the special advocates system presently in operation under the UK antiterrorism law.

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