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UN: Security Council Establishes Executive Body to Assist the Counter-Terrorism Committee; CTC Adopts Guidelines on Visits

The Security Council has established the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED). The CTED will assist the Counter-Terrorism Committee in evaluating the implementation of Security Council resolutions on terrorism, facilitating technical assistance to Member States and promoting closer cooperation and coordination with international, regional and sub-regional organisations. On another development, on 4 August the CTC adopted […]

UN: Sub-Commission to Draft Guidelines on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights

After considering the report presented by one of its experts, the UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights has decided to draft principles and guidelines concerning the promotion and protection of human rights when combating terrorism. Draft principles were already contained in the expert’s report. The ICJ presented an oral statement calling on the Sub-Commission to elaborate […]

UN Experts Reaffirm Human Rights in Fight Against Terror and Foreshadow Prison Visits

31 thematic experts of the Commission on Human Rights have adopted a statement reaffirming their determination to monitor the consistency of counter-terrorism measures with human rights standards. Gathering at their annual meeting in Geneva in June, they also expressed concern at recent alarming developments with regard to the status, condition of detention and treatment of […]

US Expert on Terrorism Appointed by Human Rights Commission

Robert Goldman, well-known member of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and US academic, has been appointed Independent Expert on Human Rights and terrorism by the UN Commission on Human Rights. He will assist the UN Office of the High Commissioner to prepare reports for the UN General Assembly in September this year and the […]

World Court Declares Israeli “Anti-Terror” Wall Illegal

The International Court of Justice has found Israel’s separation barrier and its associated regime – justified by Israel as a counter-terrorism measure – to be in violation of international human rights and humanitarian law. The advisory opinion confirmed that Israel must abide by international human rights treaties in any territory it effectively controls, even outside […]