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Ebulletin Year Archives: 2005

Cleveland Principles on the Detention and Treatment of Persons in “war on terror”

A group of American experts, including public officials and academics, have adopted the Cleveland Principles of International Law on the Detention and Treatment of Persons in connection with the “Global War on Terror”.

UN: Growing criticism over treatment of terror suspects

Secretary-General Kofi Annan, High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour and 33 independent human rights experts expressed concerns on Human Rights Day about the growing trend of countries to challenge the prohibition of torture, use secret detentions and use diplomatic assurances in the name of national security.

Organization of Islamic Conference vows to fight terrorism and extremism

On 7-8 December, OIC leaders have declared they will combat terrorism and defend the image of Islam, promising to criminalize terrorist offences, including financing and instigation of terrorism, and work towards the establishment of an International Counter-Terrorism Center.

Council of Europe postpones decision on diplomatic assurances

On 9 December, a meeting of governments convened by the Council of Europe postponed a decision whether to draw up guidelines on use of diplomatic assurances in cases where a person is facing a risk of torture or ill-treatment if transferred to another country. Human rights organizations have opposed the drawing up of such guidelines.

EU adopts data retention directive and new anti-terrorism strategy

Despite opposition from human rights organizations and the telecommunications industry, the European Union has adopted a new directive that requires telephone and Internet data to be stored for six months to two years. In parallel, EU Justice Ministers have adopted a new anti-terrorism strategy aimed at combating radicalization and recruitment to terrorism, recommending measures such […]

EU: Passenger data exchange deal with USA under legal threat

The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice proposes the annulment of the EU-US deal under which airline passenger data has been handed over to US authorities since May 2004. The European Parliament has challenged the deal as violating EU rules on data protection.