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Ebulletin Year Archives: 2005

Europe: Increasing pressure over allegations of CIA secret detention centres

On 13 December, the Council of Europe Rapporteur investigating allegations of CIA secret detentions and “rendition flights” in Europe said the information gathered so far is credible. The Council of Europe Secretary General has opened a formal inquiry, requesting states to provide information about the allegations. On 15 December, the EU Parliament also decided to […]

Russia: Bill on non-profit organizations threat to freedom of assembly

The Government has introduced a draft law, purportedly aimed at the prevention of terrorist activities, which would create strict control over and compulsory registration of NGOs. The law has been criticized by human rights organizations as an attempt to weaken the NGO sector in Russia, and by the Council of Europe for its disproportionate, adverse […]

Uzbekistan: More alleged organizers of Andijan protest jailed

Following closed trials, the Uzbek Supreme Court has sentenced 33 people to prison on charges of murder, terrorist acts and mass riots in connection with the Andijan protests last May, during which hundreds of civilians were reportedly killed by government forces. Survivors of the killings have started legal proceedings in Germany for the prosecution of […]

Italy: Immunity of CIA agent for kidnapping terrorist suspect rejected

A judge in Italy has rejected an appeal by a former CIA agent against a warrant for his arrest for allegedly abducting an Egyptian terrorist suspect. The judge held that the agent was not protected by diplomatic immunity. This abduction is allegedly part of the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” program.

Netherlands: Non-refoulement principle challenged before European Court

In a joint intervention before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the Governments of UK, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Slovakia have urged the Court to reconsider an earlier ruling (Chahal case), which affirmed the obligation of states not to transfer persons to countries where they risk torture. In this case of Ramzy v. the […]

France: Parliament adopts new anti-terrorism bill

On 15 December, the French Senate adopted a new anti-terrorism law, passed by the National Assembly a few weeks earlier. The law allows for broad surveillance, longer prison terms for terrorist offenses and increases the period of detention in police custody from four to six days. The legislation will enter into force after a final […]