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Ebulletin Year Archives: 2005

UK: Parliamentary Committee says Terrorism Bill in breach of European Convention

In a report released on 4 December, the Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights has said the new Terrorism Bill, introduced in the wake of the July 7 terrorist attacks, violates rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights. The Bill has not yet been passed by the House of Lords.

UK: House of Lords reaffirms absolute ban on use of “torture evidence”

In a case concerning eight terrorist suspects, the House of Lords unanimously ruled on 8 December that evidence obtained through torture in third countries cannot be relied on in any judicial proceedings. The decision overturned a Court of Appeal ruling in August 2004 allowing the use of such evidence if British authorities are not involved […]

Philippines: Anti-terrorism bill passed by House of Representatives

After seven months of debates, an anti-terrorism bill was approved by the House of Representatives on 14 December. The law, which now must also be approved by the Senate, provides for a 72-hour detention period within which the authorities must file formal charges. It also criminalizes incitement to terrorism and acts that facilitate, contribute to […]

Australia: Anti-terrorism bill adopted

The Australian Parliament has adopted a new anti-terrorism bill, which provides for detention without charge for up to 14 days and preventive control orders for up to 12 months.

USA: Senate rejects extension of Patriot Act

While the House of Representatives voted on 14 December to renew provisions of the Patriot Act, the Senate, expressing concerns about broad surveillance of Americans, rejected the extension of this post 11-September anti-terrorism legislation. This comes following the admission by President Bush that since October 2001 he authorized secret surveillance of communications by US citizens […]

USA: Padilla charged after three-year detention in military custody

On 22 November, José Padilla, a US citizen held without charge as an “enemy combatant” by the military since 2002, was indicted on terrorism charges. The indictment comes after Padilla’s appeal to the Supreme Court of an earlier decision by a Court of Appeals in September 2005, which upheld the President has power to detain […]