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Ebulletin Year Archives: 2007

United States: New Executive Order on detention and interrogation issued

On 20 July, President Bush signed an Executive Order on the application of common article 3 of the Geneva Conventions to a detention and interrogation programme operated by the CIA. Several NGOs criticized the order for affirming that the programme complies with US obligations under article 3, when the order fails to prohibit secret detention.

Israel/OPT: UN expert on counter-terrorism and human rights visits Israel and OPT

UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur Martin Scheinin visited Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory in early July. In his preliminary findings, he raises a number of concerns about Israeli policies and practices, including the construction of the wall in the West Bank, the policy of targeted killings and the use of the doctrine of […]

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood trial before military court adjourned again

On 3 June, international and national trial observers were banned from observing the first session of the military trial of 33 leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The defendants were not formally charged, but received a list of offences relating to financing of terrorist activities for which they are allegedly responsible. A second hearing was […]

Italy: European Court of Human Rights hears case on deportation to risk of torture

On 11 July, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights held a hearing in the case of Nassim Saadi, a Tunisian national convicted of terrorism offences in Italy in 2005 who risks deportation to Tunisia, where he claims that he will be subjected to torture or ill-treatment. Italy has sought diplomatic assurances […]

Italy: Trial of CIA agents accused of abduction of Abu Omar suspended

The trial of 25 CIA agents, accused of abducting Egyptian Imam, Abu Omar, in Milan in 2003, began on 8 June. The trial was suspended on 18 June, pending a decision from the Constitutional Court on whether prosecutors had the right to use secret service wiretaps and classified documents to build their case against the […]

France: International NGO publishes report on counter-terrorism policies

In June, Human Rights Watch published a report on the French policy of expulsions of foreigners suspected of terrorism. In the report, the organisation questions the fairness and transparency of the procedure, particularly when decided on the basis of secret intelligence. It also documents cases of expulsions in violation of the principle of non-refoulement. In […]