Egypt : the International Commission of Jurists condemns the bomb attacks in Sharm el-Sheikh

The ICJ unequivocally condemns the bombings that rocked the city of Sharm al-Sheikh on Friday night, which left at least 64 people dead and hundreds of wounded, according to the latest official estimates.

“Indiscriminate attacks against civilians are totally prohibited under international law and cannot be justified under any circumstances”, said Nicholas Howen, ICJ Secretary-General. “Perpetrators of such killings against civilians have to be brought to justice, in full compliance with international human rights law”, he added.

However, in view of the large number of reportedly arbitrary arrests that took place after previous attacks, such as the bombing in Taba in October 2004 and the bombing in the Cairo Bazaar in April 2005, the ICJ recalls in particular that human rights law forbids arbitrary, secret or incommunicado detention, as well as torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. As the authorities have already started arresting suspects, it is crucial to respect such human rights obligations and to try perpetrators of such attacks in ordinary courts that respect fair trial standards.

The ICJ expresses its condolences to the relatives and families of the victims of the bombings.