EU Commission should draft proposal for a strong EU human rights agency

The ICJ today submitted a Memorandum to the European Commission on the establishment of a human rights agency in the European Union.

The ICJ sets out clear benchmarks for a human rights institution that would provide a strong mechanism to address human rights and rule of law problems in the European Union.

“We call on the European Commission to elaborate a proposal for a EU Human Rights Agency, which is in line with international standards for independent and effective human rights institutions”, says Gerald Staberock, Coordinator of ICJ’s National Implementation Programme. “This step is long overdue and the agency should have a real impact on the promotion and protection of human rights in the European Union and its member states. A weak and flawed institution, on the other hand, would not increase the legitimacy of EU policies but could raise concerns about double-standards, internally and externally.”

European Union-human rights agency-press release-2004 (text, PDF)



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