Submission to European Parliament Temporary Committee on Alleged Use of European countries by the CIA for the Transportation and Illegal Detention of Prisoners (TDIP)

In its November 2006 written submission to this instance, the ICJ analyses the international law obligations of the United States in relation to renditions.

The ICJ also analyses the human rights obligations of European states which actively co-operate in renditions or secret detentions, or fail to take adequate steps to protect against them.

It concludes that, in light of the systematic nature of the breaches of norms of higher international law, including the prohibition against torture, involved in the system of renditions and secret detentions, there are obligations on European states, not only to refrain from co-operation with or recognition of this system, but to take co-operative measures to bring the situation to an end. The full submission is attached below.

Europe-European Parliament-CIA transportation detention prisoners-non-judicial submission-2006 (full text, PDF)

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