First-ever database of human rights awards launched

Nov 27, 2013 | News

Today, the True Heroes Foundation (THF), a work partner of ICJ, launched the first-ever digest of human rights awards on

The number of human rights awards has surged with over 50 new awards created in just the last 13 years.

The THF Digest brings together in a searchable manner 117 such awards with key information on each of them and links to their websites.

The Digest provides for the first time an overview of hereto scattered information and gives a unique tool to those who want to make nominations.

Going back over 100 years, it covers for the moment only international and regional awards. National awards are (not yet) included.

For more information on the content of the Digest (what is covered and how) read carefully the section “About the Digest” on

For additional information:


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