ICJ holds Geneva Forum 2014 on enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights

Today and tomorrow, the ICJ welcomes judges and lawyers from all regions of the world to discuss the “Judicial Enforcement of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights”.

The 2014 Geneva Forum of Judges and Lawyers is a joint initiative of the ICJ Center for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers (CIJL) and the ICJ Programme on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Participants are exchanging views on the progress made over the past two decades, including the entry into force of the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in May 2013.

The Protocol allows individuals to bring complaints of violations of such rights to an independent international body of experts for adjudication.

Discussions are held also in relation to challenges to the justiciability of these rights, including as regards the principle of separation of powers between the judicial, executive and legislative branches of government.

Managing potential implications for public human and financial resources of judicial orders for enforcement of ESCR, and the conflicts that may arise between state development plans, public interest and the interests and rights of the individuals, will also be topics of discussion.

Participants are invited to ground the discussion of conceptual issues in examples from their own actual experience and practice in their national jurisdictions.

Alejandra Ancheita, recent winner of the Martin Ennals Award 2014 – The Nobel Prize of Human Rights – is among the guest speakers.

A report of the discussions will be published in 2015.

The draft agenda for the 2014 Geneva Forum is available here:

Universal-Programme GVA Forum 2014-Events-2014-ENG (English)

Universal-Programme GVA Forum 2014-Events-2014-ESP (Español)

The 2014 Geneva Forum has been made possible with the support of the République et Canton de Genève, the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations in Geneva, and the Taipei Bar Association.

The Geneva Forum has been convened annually by the CIJL since 2010.

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