Geneva, the Defense of the Rule of Law: What can I do? – Gala in support of the ICJ

The ICJ is organizing its first fundraising Gala concert on Monday 14 October at 7:30pm in the Palais Eynard, 4 rue de la Croix Rouge, Geneva. The event will support the ICJ and its fight for the defense of the Rule of Law in the world and marks the end of the series of events we organized for our 60th anniversary in the city of human rights.

The theme of our Gala will be: “Geneva, the Defense of the Rule of Law: What can I do?”

After a welcome from the Mayor of Geneva and an introduction from Me Pierre de Preux, former Bâtonnier of the Geneva Bar, ICJ Commissioners including Sir Nicolas Bratza (former President of the European Court of Human Rights), Dame Silvia Cartwright (former Judge and Governor General of New Zealand), Professor Bob Goldman (ICJ President and former President of the Inter-american Commission on Human Rights) and Ms Roberta Clarke (ICJ Executive Chair, UN Women’s Office for the Caribbean, UN Women’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific) will give concrete answers to this question.

But the evening is also to enjoy a wonderful Concert of the ‘Soloists of the Menuhin Academy’ (photo) and the cocktail after that.

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