Gross violations of human rights : a practical guide for non-governmental organisations wishing to file communications with the United Nations

A number of NGOs have expressed the need for a short hand-book to serve as a guide to NGO’s wishing to file communications with the U.N. relating to gross violations of human rights. The ICJ invited Miss Glenda da Fonseca and Mr. George Duke to prepare this handbook.

The new procedure approved by the Economic and Social Council for the examination of such communications is only in its infancy. It may prove a land mark in the implementation of human rights, but if it is to do so, it must be properly used.

This guide contains four parts:

  1. When should a communication be filed?
  2. Formal prerequisites
  3. How  a communication is processed
  4. Annexes: ECOSOC Resolution 1503 (XLVII) of 1970, Sub-Commission Resolution 1 (XXIV) of 1971, Sub-Commission Resolution 2 (XXIV) of 1971, ECOSOC Resolution 728F of 1959

gross violations practical guide NGOs-training module-1973-eng (full text in English, PDF)


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