ICJ calls for prompt publication of UN Database of businesses in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

The ICJ today called for prompt release of a database of businesses involved in certain activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, that has been prepared by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).The statement, delivered in a general debate, read as follows:

Regarding the Database of business enterprises involved in listed activities in the settlements on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the ICJ recognizes the important work that has been done, but is deeply concerned at OHCHR’s failure to publicly release it.

All States, including the home States of the companies involved, have a responsibility to prevent companies from operating in breach of international law. Businesses themselves should see the database as an opportunity to more proactively incorporate respect for human rights within their policies and operations.

The prompt publication of the database should contribute to global efforts to hold all business enterprises accountable for their role in violations of human rights and humanitarian law and to give them an incentive to cease in such behaviour. The ICJ urges all States, including those that have supported the creation of this database, to redouble efforts to prevent business complicity in serious human rights abuses and to hold businesses legally accountable when abuses occur in their own territories as well as in the global operations of businesses for which they are the home State.”

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